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Sutton on the Forest School

The Role and Function of the Governing Body

The Governing Body of Sutton on the Forest Primary School provides the School with both vision and strategic leadership. By operating within a culture of robust accountability it also maintains oversight and provides assurance for the School’s educational and financial performance. The core functions of the governing body are to:

  1. Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Hold the executive leaders to account for the educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of its staff; and
  3. Oversee the financial performance of the organisation and make sure its money is well spent.


Sutton on the Forest Primary School Governing Body

The Governing Body comprises 11 members and its meetings are supported by a NYCC Clerk. The Full Governing Body meets nine times throughout the school year and the approved minutes of the meetings are published on the school website. The Governing Body membership is drawn from parents of current and former pupils, members of the village community, and those from the wider community who possess specific expertise that can help to ensure that children attending Sutton on the Forest Primary School get the best possible education.

Governing Body Information

Instrument of Government

NGA Mode of Conduct 2020

Governor Role Description

Committee Membership/Governor Roles 2019-20

Committee Membership/Governor Roles 2020-21

Annual Governance Statement 2018-19


Introduction to the New Chair of Governors

Introduction to the Chair of Governors


Governing Body Meetings

Governor Attendance 2019-20

2021-06-23 Meeting Minutes

2021-05-13 Meeting Minutes

2021-04-14 FGB Meeting Minutes

2021-02-10 FGB Meeting Minutes

2021-01-20 FGB Meeting Minutes

2020-12-02 FGB Meeting Minutes

2020-10-21 FGB Meeting Minutes

2020-09-23 FGB Meeting Minutes

2020-07-15 FGB Meeting Minutes

2020-06-17 FGB Meeting Minutes

2020-06-11 Extraordinary meeting

2020-05-12 FGB Meeting Minutes

2020-02-12 FGB Meeting Minutes

2020-01-22 FGB Meeting Minutes

2019-12-04 FGB Meeting Minutes

2019-10-23 FGB Meeting Minutes

2019-09-25 FGB Meeting Minutes

2019-07-09 FGB Meeting Minutes

2019-06-05 FGB Meeting Minutes

2019-05-22 Extraordinary Start Budget meeting

2019-05-08 FGB Meeting Minutes

2019-03-20 FGB Meeting Minutes

21-02-2019 FGB Meeting Minutes

23-01-2019 FGB Meeting Minutes

03-10-2018 FGB Meeting Minutes

14-11-2018 FGB Meeting Minutes

05-12-2018 FGB Meeting Minutes

Introduction to the New Chair of Governors

Introduction to the Chair of Governors



Meet the Governors


Howard Hall – Chair of Governors

I am a recently retired Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology, having enjoyed a 35 year academic career as a teacher, researcher and senior manager at various Universities in the USA and the UK. My last academic position prior to retirement was as University Head of Research...

Valérie Gale

I am a part-time teaching assistant in a primary school and an administration clerk in a consultancy business. I have qualifications and work experience in business management and project management and have recently completed two courses on supporting learning in primary...

Helen Morris

I was a lawyer for 18 years before taking redundancy. As my children needed me less I decided that I would try looking after other people’s children and became a registered childminder. I found this a real pleasure and started to do more of it. When the opportunity came...
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