Online Admissions

Admissions Policy

Children start School in the September before they reach their fifth birthday. However;

  • Those whose fifth birthday falls between 1st September and the end of February will start full-time.
  • Those whose fifth birthdays fall between 1st March and 31st August may attend full or part-time during the Autumn term, depending upon the parent’s wishes.

Rising 5 sessions are held weekly throughout the Summer Term in a separate building on site. Children are invited to spend a number of afternoons in their new class towards the end of the Summer Term before they begin School and at about the same time, we hold a meeting for parents of new pupils.

NYCC Admissions Policy

Parents of children starting Primary School in North Yorkshire are asked to complete a form stating their preferred school.

An online application form can be found on the North Yorkshire County Council School Admissions website.

Sutton on the Forest Primary School’s catchment area includes the village and surrounding farms. Places will normally be provided for those children who live within catchment. However, it is important that parents complete a preference form, even if Sutton is their normal area school.

Parents’ expressed preferences for a school, which is not the normal school for the area in which they live, are considered after those from the normal area of that school. Details can be obtained from the current ‘NYCC Guide for Parents’, available from NYCC, Northallerton Area Education Office, County Hall, Northallerton, DL7 SAP.

Where the School’s maximum admission number; currently set at 13, has been reached, requests for the admission of children in Reception Year are granted by the Local Education Authority. If refused admission, parents will be offered the right to appeal against any such decision.