Friends of Sutton School (FOSS)

Friends of Sutton School (FOSS) are a Registered Charity (1042254) which represents the school community at Sutton-on-the-Forest CE VC Primary School, and it is affiliated to PTA UK.

FOSS organise a number of events throughout the year that have multiple objectives. These events endeavour to; fundraise for the school, foster community within the school and the village, and provide a social calendar in complement with the diverse range of activities already offered by the school.

The fundraising objective of FOSS is to donate at least £3,000 per annum to the school fund, which goes towards subsidising school trips, workshops and equipment. However, we aim to raise in excess of this value so that we can contribute to the continual upgrading and improvement of school equipment, school furniture and other investments which benefit the learning environment within the school (for example, purchasing iPads and Chromebooks for school).

The community role of FOSS is particularly important within a village school such as Sutton. For the school itself, the size of the school gives the pupils a great opportunity to learn and socialise across age groups, which is a beneficial environment for all pupils. The school also serves as the principal hub within the village for families with primary school-aged families, so an active, well-attended social calendar benefits the whole village. However, we are fortunate that families from outside the village also attend and actively support the school, which provides further opportunities for new friendships for pupils and parents alike. The various FOSS activities throughout the year aim to collectively support all of these communal opportunities.

Please watch out for our fundraising events!