The Year 5 and 6 had a very enjoyable morning working on their enterprise project for the Summer Fair with the help of Mrs Williams, one of our school governors. The children considered the amount of money that had been spent on ingredients and resources and then decided the price that they thought would be reasonable to obtain a profit. – there was much discussion on this point! We also had to think carefully about a catchy title for the product and a strap line to entice our buyers!

The children worked really hard to make ‘Mix in a Minute Muffins’: cutting out the lids, choosing ribbon, creating a label of instructions and filling the jar with the right amount of ingredients in layers being careful not to shake it!

In the next few days, we will be making Chocolate-coated Marshmallows to add to our enterprise stall. So why not come along to the Summer Gala on Sunday and ‘Tease your tastebuds with our muffins that will melt in your mouth’ and enjoy a Chocolate marshmallow or two, three or four…

We look forward to seeing you at the stall on Sunday!

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