East Barnby 2017 (updated each day)

A fantastic first day- the weather has been glorious and the children have had a brilliant day. It was quite entertaining watching them put duvet covers on their beds; they all enjoyed lunch ( baked potatoes with various fillings and salad). The children are happy with their dormitories and their groups for the activities so lots of smiling faces.

Three groups went body boarding today and two groups went beck scrambling and then it was back for tea -spaghetti bolognese followed by chocolate sponge and custard. We played Alien Orienteering around East Barnby grounds until supper at 9pm and the children are all tucked up in bed-exhausted!


The children slept well and we awoke to a warm but overcast day. After a hearty breakfast some of the children went sailing and others went to the Wain Stones-climbing. This evening we have had a campfire with marshmallows and hot chocolate. Mr Botham had brought his guitar so it was a fantastic atmosphere. It is 10-15pm (lights out at 10pm) and the children are already asleep-they are exhausted….

The forecast was for glorious sunshine but that did not happen in East Barnby- the children who went canoeing did so in a thunderstorm with torrential rain! It was quite exciting but not what we were expecting. The climbers also had to change their itinerary to suit the downpours. It was brighter by 2pm so the children managed to canoe to Whitby. Tonight was dry and fairly warm so we went sledging…..The children are having a  brilliant time.

Below are pictures of Wednesday evenings activities:

Sailing was cancelled today for two groups because it was far too windy so some children did half a day of raft building and half a day mountain biking which were fantastic alternatives – the other groups were sailing or climbing. The weather was challenging yet again but it did not dampen spirits…

The last day of activities and it is raining again……..never mind we are used to it now and it is character building. The children did a really good job of tidying their rooms and packing so they deserved a fun last day. Beck scambling and body boarding-the North Sea was freezing!



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