All of the children took part in a full day of sport for Sports Day 2018! In the morning, the children were split into houses and took part in a round robin of ten different activities, testing a range of sporting skills. There was lots of excellent teamwork and good encouragement from all the groups as they went round the activities. The javelin and the football dribbling were certainly the most popular events!

In the afternoon, the children took part in some traditional races on the back field including, bean bag shuttle, egg and spoon race, the sack race and sprinting. There were some very speedy children racing down the track and it was wonderful to see everyone smiling and taking part in all the races, with excellent cheering from an excited crowd of children and parents!

Many thanks to all the parents and relatives who came to watch and cheer on the children as they raced. Also a huge thank you to Mr Warriner for helping to organise sports day and for practising the events with the children!

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