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Sutton on the Forest School

A Fond Farewell

At the end of term, we held a wonderful final assembly to say a fond farewell to Mrs Adams, Mrs Craig and Nell who are all leaving our school community this summer. We shared many memories of their times at Sutton and dug up lots of excellent photos too! Year 5 read some lovely...
Posted On 23 Jul 2018

Sports reporting!

It has been a busy week this week in sports news, from England’s semi-final world cup match, to Roger Federer getting knocked out of Wimbledon to our own school sports day! With this in mind, years 2/3 became sports reporters on Friday and researched, wrote and performed...
Posted On 13 Jul 2018

Sports Day 2018

All of the children took part in a full day of sport for Sports Day 2018! In the morning, the children were split into houses and took part in a round robin of ten different activities, testing a range of sporting skills. There was lots of excellent teamwork and good...
Posted On 13 Jul 2018

King of the birds debate

Year 2 and 3 have been reading the traditional tale “The King of the Birds” this week. We have all enjoyed the story and how the clever, little wren became the king of all the birds. We decided to have our own debate about which bird should be king and so all the...
Posted On 06 Jul 2018

Fantastic Flowers!

Year 2/3 have had an exciting time exploring different flowers today! Miss Roberts came in with a variety of colourful flowers and told us the names of each one and some really interesting facts about them too. We all had a good smell of the scented flowers and ate some peas from...
Posted On 02 Jul 2018

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, grandfathers and father figures! All the children at Sutton made Father’s Day cards this week to give to someone special. Year 2/3 made top trumps themed cards and had great fun thinking of ‘dad stats’ for their cards.
Posted On 17 Jun 2018

Grandparents’ lunch

On Thursday and Friday this week, we have had a lovely couple of lunchtimes having a picnic outside with our grandparents. Everyone enjoyed either a chicken wrap or a hot dog lunch and thankfully good weather too! A big thank you to all the grandparents who came along, we enjoyed...
Posted On 08 Jun 2018

Glorious glockenspiels

This term, years 2 and 3 have been learning how to play the glockenspiel. We have used our musical knowledge of pitch, rhythm and melody to help us play the tunes “Old McDonald” and “Happy Birthday”. We have even learnt about the letter names of the...
Posted On 24 May 2018

Growing plants

As part of our science topic, over the next few weeks year 2/3 are going to grow and nurture their own plants! Today we discussed what our plants needed to help them grow, why we need plants and how we were going to make sure ours would survive. After writing some instructions on...
Posted On 21 May 2018

Problem solving & potion mixing

Year 2/3 had quite the challenge set for them this morning! They had to work out different calculations to determine how much of each of the magical liquids to add to their cauldrons to make different potions, measuring these accurately with measuring cylinders. Then the children...
Posted On 10 May 2018