On Friday 5th April all our children took part in whole school science day, using resources from British Science Week to research, conduct and analyse their own experiments.

Mrs Comito launched the day with a great assembly on how everyone is a scientist and taught us about some famous scientists and their discoveries. As a whole school, we then predicted what would happen with her tea bag experiment, watch how to experiment went here.

Each class then went to complete different science experiments and activities. Class 1 investigated marble runs by looking at their own plastic marble runs in the classroom first and seeing what worked well and what didn’t. They then used different materials to make their own giant ones! Watch one of their finished runs here.

Class 2 made salt dough and then used their dough to make some salt dough circuits to try to make a buzzer sound. Unfortunately, the salt dough didn’t conduct electricity effectively but they tried many ways to make their buzzers sound including adding more salt to the dough and using different sized and shaped pieces. In the afternoon, they made their own wormeries with Miss Tubb, exploring the best habitats for worms to thrive in.

Class 3 spent the whole day researching, designing and making bridges. There was a good variety of designs and some very thorough research into different designs and structures! Every group managed to build a bridge that could hold a cup of pennies and some groups’ bridges could hold water bottles and book too!

In the afternoon, parents, relatives and visitors came to see what we had been exploring throughout the day. A huge thank you to all staff who helped organise and run that day and to all our visitors who came along to see what we’d been getting up to!


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