Separating materials challenge!

Year 2/3 had a very interesting challenge set by Miss Hodkin last week. They had to use their knowledge of the properties of materials and their scientific investigation skills to work out how to separate four different materials that were mixed together.

The children had to separate peas, rice, sand and paperclips using any method they liked and had a range of tools available to them to help them separate the materials. Each group worked together effectively to sort the materials and many creative and logical methods were used!

We found that using a magnet to separate the paperclips from the rest of the materials was the easiest method. Sieving, shaking and using pincers to separate the rice, sand and peas was a trickier task!

All groups managed to complete the separating materials challenge and write up how and why their separating methods worked. Excellent scientific work year 2 and 3!

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