Year 2/3 have been excellent geologists in the past two weeks and have learnt all about the three different types of rocks and how they are formed. As we couldn’t wait millions of years to watch rocks form, we decided to use a slightly different material to create the rock cycle – chocolate!

The children made igneous rocks by heating their rocks in the ‘magma flow’ (hot water) and watching it cool down and form igneous rock. They then made sedimentary rock by grating layers of different types of chocolate and pressing them together to form one solid, layered rock. We finally put our sedimentary rocks in a hot place (our hands) and used heat and pressure to change them into metamorphic chocolate rocks!

Everyone really enjoyed making (and eating) the rocks and all children worked really well in groups to create the different rocks. Miss Hodkin and Miss Tubb were very impressed with how sensible the children were with using a grater and hot water and how they all helped to tidy up the classroom!

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