Year 4/5/6 Aztec mosaic art.


Year 4/5/6 have really enjoyed making their own mosaic tiles. They designed their Aztec pattern’s first by using squared paper the picked the mosaic tiles they wanted to use. They had great fun spreading the tile adhesive on, placing the tiles and grouting once dry. All this was made possible by a very kind donation from Tile with Style, Rawcliffe. Thankyou very much for the resources, the children had an amazing art lesson and were thrilled with the end result as was I.



DSC01444 DSC01445 DSC01446 DSC01447 DSC01448 DSC01449 DSC01450 DSC01456 DSC01458 DSC01459 DSC01460 DSC01461 DSC01462 DSC01463 DSC01464 DSC01467 DSC01468 DSC01469

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