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Problem solving & potion mixing

Year 2/3 had quite the challenge set for them this morning! They had to work out different calculations to determine how much of each of the magical liquids to add to their cauldrons to make different potions, measuring these accurately with measuring cylinders. Then the children...
Posted On 10 May 2018

Sutton on the Forest, Van Gogh style!

Last week, year 2/3 used their newly learnt brushstroke skills to paint the view from our classroom window. The children produced some lovely paintings, using a range of brushstrokes, thick paint and lots of enthusiasm! Here are some of the pieces we produced:
Posted On 10 May 2018

Rec/Y1 Sunflowers

Rec/Y1 transformed the outdoor classroom into Van Gogh’s art studio and enjoyed painting, weaving and colouring his famous Sunflowers.
Posted On 10 May 2018
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