Just before Christmas, year 2 and 3 learnt about how children less fortunate than themselves may be spending Christmas on the streets or in overcrowded housing. We all watched this Christmas appeal advert from the charity Shelter and many members of the class were moved to tears at the thought of children their own age not having a home for Christmas.

We decided to write letters to Shelter to tell them about how thankful we now felt about our own Christmas festivities and what we would like to do to help the charity. All the class wrote some excellent formal letters and really put their hearts and souls into expressing themselves and their emotions to the charity. We sent the letters off to Shelter’s headquarters just before Christmas with a cover letter explaining how we’d learnt all about the good work their charity does.

This week, we were lucky enough to receive a reply from one of the charity’s coordinators who was delighted with all our letters and said that we’d put a smile on his face as well as warmed the hearts of all the office staff! We have been sent some badges, postcards, money collection boxes and Shelter balloons as a thank you and to help promote the issue of homelessness further.

The whole class were very excited to hear such lovely things from the charity and have not stopped wearing their red Shelter UK badges!

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