In year 2/3, we have been learning about animals and their habitats in science lessons. We have learnt all about how animals survive in their environments and how to draw food chains showing how animals get energy to live.

We decided to investigate our woodland habitat in the school grounds. Our investigation hoped to find out which was the most common colour of insect in the woods. We made some good predictions together, then set out with our magnifying glasses and whiteboards to start investigating!

Most of us found that either black or brown insects were the most common in the woodland. We all drew a table and a bar chart to show our results:


Finally we had a discussion as to why we might have found mostly black and brown insects in the woodland habitat. We thought we got the results we did because being a black or brown insect would mean better camouflage in the woods and a less likely chance of being eaten by other animals! We decided that the time of day could have affected our results as well as where exactly we were looking.

All in all, a great insect investigation!

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