Colour-mixing and dragon-making

The children in Years 4, 5 and 6 have been very busy these last few weeks in Art. They began by learning how to colour-mix, using primary colours and producing their own colour wheels. The children had great fun mixing paints but were tempted to pick up a bottle of green, orange and purple paint! Scales were added to the paper plate colour wheels and some paper tubes were painted in the same colours. We then took all our resources, along with some wire, to the hall to start building our Chinese dragon, Piff Puff! Mrs Bell was voted to make the face of the dragon, and Lola and Belle drew and cut out the feet and legs, which were attached afterwards. The children really enjoyed making the dragon – we had some great teamwork and support from all the children. Piff Puff danced his way into the Year 4 classroom, where he is know curling from the ceiling!  – Mrs Bell

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