Head: Mrs Helen Pye | email: admin@sutton-on-the-forest.n-yorks.sch.uk | tel. 01347 810230
Sutton on the Forest School

Our small village school is woefully short of up to date IT equipment, which is starting to have an impact on the children’s lessons. There are not enough laptops in the classrooms, and those they have frequently crash during the lessons.

In an age where we are becoming more and more dependent on IT, we want our children to have easy access to computers, become familiar with their use and have equipment that works and does what they want it to do.

Unfortunately, being a small village school in a small community, the money required is beyond the fundraising capabilities of FOSS (Friends of Sutton School) and we are looking to our friends and family to help in our quest to raise enough money to have 3 or 4 laptops in each classroom plus a handful of tablet devices for more individual work.

All we ask is that you take the time to read this, and if willing, donate a £1 to our cause. The children will be extremely grateful.

Please visit our Crowdfunding Page