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Sutton on the Forest School

At Sutton on the Forest Primary School, we recognise that pupils are entitled to quality hardware and software to develop their skills in the understanding of computing to enable them to become proficient in e-safety, programming and presentation skills. We recognise that these skills should be taught in a progressive and structured manner, as well as a strong focus on how to use the internet acceptably and reasonably at all times.

All children are taught how to use the internet responsibly and safely, as well as how to stay safe online and what to do if something online worries them. The NSPCC give assemblies in school regularly to promote e-safety and the school participates in the national Internet Safety Day each year.

Our school Computing and Internet policy can be found here or on our safeguarding main page.

Computing and internet provision

We are very lucky to have access to Chromebooks, laptops and Ipads in school! Every child is taught how to use these pieces of equipment sensibly and safely. An internet home/school agreement is signed by every child and their family before children are allowed access to the school internet.

Useful web links for e-safety include:

NSPCC online safety

Online Safety Guide (NYCC)

Share Aware Online Safety Leaflet (NSPCC)