TREETOPS is a before and after school club run onsite by outside providers

Below is some basic information about how the club is run.


What are the opening hours?

Mornings – 7.30am

Afternoons – 3.30pm to 6pm


How much does it cost?

Mornings – £4 per hour, £2 per half hour

Afternoons until 5pm – £6

Afternoons until 6pm – £10


Can you accommodate children until 6.30pm?

Yes but this will be charged at £3 per half hour.


Can I use the club on an ad hoc basis?

Yes, as long as we have all of the relevant completed forms from you. We would also ask that 24 hour notice be given.


How do I book a place?

Please speak to either of us. We will provide you with the relevant forms and arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.

Kate Thompson 01347 811082

Helen Morris 01347 811862



Are meals included?

Yes, all food and drink is included in the price. We will provide breakfast if requested to do so. After school all children will receive a snack. Children booked until 6pm/6,30pm will be provided with tea if required.


What sort of activities will be on offer?

We will have a theme each week. There will be arts and crafts activities based on this theme and general arts and crafts. There will be games, and general play using toys that are age appropriate. We will be talking to the children in school and getting their thoughts and ideas.


Will the children be separated by age?

No. Experience tells us that this is not necessary. All ages can benefit from mixing with and caring for each other. We are a small setting and believe this will work well. No child will be overlooked.


What staff will you have?

This depends on numbers but we plan to have a ratio of 1 member of staff per 10 children.


How do I know my child will be safe?

We have good safety systems in place that Ofsted went through with us very thoroughly.

We have checked and re checked plans for outside play. Children will only be able to play where they can be adequately supervised.

Our safeguarding systems are sound and staff are properly trained.

We can go into more detail about this at the meeting.


Will you offer holiday care?

Yes, we know this is important to working parents and intend to offer this service.


What about school clubs?

School clubs will run in the same way they do now. If your child attends a school club we can collect him/her. However the session charge will still apply so if your child is with us until 5pm we will charge £6, until 6pm £10 etc.


What about dropping off and picking up? 

Drop off will be at the main reception entrance. You will be greeted and your child signed in. Collection is from the side door by the year 2/3 classroom. There will be a buzzer to let us know you are there. We will greet you then sign your child out.