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FOSS Casino Night

FOSS are holding a Casino Night at the Rose & Crown in Sutton-on-the-Forest on 2nd March 2018, at 7:30pm. Tickets include food, and there will be a raffle with fantastic prizes. Please come...

FOSS YO1 Radio Christmas fundraiser

  A team of parents, children and Governors took part in the latest #ChristmasElfie Fundraiser, run by YO1 Radio, in Coppergate, York. All had a great time running the selfie station and...

Money Box Tree

Mrs Bell suggested that FOSS acquired a “Money Box Tree” from Coin-it-In.  This tree is a unique visual coin-stacker saving device, where children and parents can see funds growing...

FOSS from a headteacher’s perspective…

Please open the attached PowerPoint to view the brief presentation given at the FOSS meeting on Wednesday 1st November 2017. FOSS
Posted On 06 Nov 2017

Foreign Coin Collection for FOSS

FOSS are starting a new collection this school year following last years success of raising £212.70 from our foreign coin collection. £212 is a huge amount of money for us to collect, so well...
Posted On 05 Sep 2017