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School Nativity 2017

This week, the school community were treated to a delightful performance of the Nativity “A Little Bird Told Me”. The play told a lovely story about a little bird who decides to visit and give a gift to a new baby king. The children performed all the songs with great...
Posted On 15 Dec 2017

Christmas Decorations

Class 1 have been busy making Christmas decorations and making our room look festive and sparkly. We hope you like their creations.
Posted On 15 Dec 2017

Baking Bread in the Forest

Year 5 and 6 had a super time in ‘Forest Schools’ this term. They worked in groups to make bread dough and then stripped sticks to wrap their dough around. Each child took it in turns to bake their bread on the camp fire. When it was cooked, they finally spread jam on...
Posted On 07 Dec 2017

Visit from a local Quaker

Years 4/5/6 had a visit from a local Quaker, Richard Safhill, from the Quaker meeting house in York as part of their RE topic. He talked to the children about his faith and what being a Quaker meant to him. Richard taught all the children a song, which they enjoyed performing,...
Posted On 07 Dec 2017

Year 2/3 celebrate Saint Andrew’s Day!

Year 2/3 have really enjoyed our topic of “Super Scotland” so we decided to dedicate a whole day to celebrating St Andrew’s Day. The children all wore Scottish colours of blue and white and many even came dressed in kilts – everyone certainly looked the...
Posted On 05 Dec 2017

Super science club

Super science club (group 2) have had a great time over the last few weeks learning about rocket propulsion, surface tension, properties of paper and strong structures. Our final session looked at the strongest 3D shapes and we used this knowledge to build the tallest towers out...
Posted On 02 Dec 2017

Trip to Sheriff Hutton Castle and Church

Year 2/3 have been learning about local history this term, including the life of Richard III and the castles of Sheriff Hutton and York. The class took a trip to visit Sheriff Hutton Castle and the church of St Helen and the Holy Cross to learn more about how and why the castle...
Posted On 17 Nov 2017

Separating materials challenge!

Year 2/3 had a very interesting challenge set by Miss Hodkin last week. They had to use their knowledge of the properties of materials and their scientific investigation skills to work out how to separate four different materials that were mixed together. The children had to...
Posted On 13 Nov 2017

Firefighters visit Class 1

Class 1 were very excited to see a fire engine parked on the school playground. We found out how fires were put out and about the special safety equipment that is used. The firefighters told us about some of their daring rescues and about fire safety rules. We have been very...
Posted On 09 Nov 2017

Year 2 investigate patterns

Some year 2s and 3s used Numicon to investigate patterns with numbers. They looked at counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and whether the numbers in each sequence were odd, even or both. We had a go at counting backwards and forwards from different points in our sequences too, which was...
Posted On 03 Nov 2017