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Building dens for animals – STEM club

Today at STEM club we talked about what animals would need from a shelter.  Having thought about the needs of the animals such as warmth, safety and access to food, we went into our forest area to find an appropriate location for our animal den.  We used materials we could find...
Posted On 21 May 2018

Nature’s engineers – STEM club

Today at STEM club we looked at some of nature’s best engineers – birds.  We looked at their nests and how we thought they were built.  We then went outside to our forest area and had a go at building our own nests.  It was much harder than it looked and we had to try...
Posted On 14 May 2018

STEM Club – Bridge Building

At STEM club today, we worked on a challenge to build a Lego bridge to span a river.  We then used weights to test the strength of our bridges, with great success!
Posted On 23 Apr 2018

Year 4 Forest School Adventure

Today, Year 4 had a Forest School afternoon.  We looked around the environment for different invertebrates.  Using magnifying glasses, we examined them carefully and used reference books to identify them.  We then did a careful observational drawing of one of the animals we found.
Posted On 23 Apr 2018

Bedtime stories

Things looked at little different at school on Monday evening.  At 6pm children came back to school in their pyjamas to enjoy a bedtime story event.  We enjoyed plenty of stories in front of a log ‘fire’ and even had time for some delicious hot chocolate (with...
Posted On 27 Mar 2018

String telephones

Year 4 have been investigating how sounds change over distance.  We first of all investigated what happened when we moved the source of the sound further away from our ears and what impact this had on what we heard.  We then made string telephones and found out that these can...
Posted On 12 Mar 2018

World Book Day Flashmob

Today we celebrated World Book Day with something a little different – a whole-school flashmob!   Parents were surprised at hometime as children treated them to a book-themed dance routine to the tune of ‘Gotta Keep Reading’.  We had great fun coming up with the...
Posted On 05 Mar 2018

World Book Day

Today was the day we got to celebrate World Book Day after the snow caused us to re-schedule.  In Year 4 we had some fantastic costumes from a wide variety of books.  We enjoyed some challenges too including a quiz and a team race to re-organise books that had been knocked off...
Posted On 05 Mar 2018

Good vibrations!

Today, Year 4 have been exploring the link between the volume of sounds and the size of vibrations.  We investigated using rice on top of a drum and discovered that louder sounds cause larger vibrations.  We then went on to think about how sound travels from its source to our...
Posted On 26 Feb 2018

Fantastic Sound!

Today, Year 4 have been learning about sound.  We discovered that sound is caused by vibrations.  We could feel them in our throat as we talked and then we saw the effect of vibrations when we hit a drum with rice on the top of it.  We then went on a sound walk around the school...
Posted On 19 Feb 2018